What do you serve at a wild game dinner?

Anything with earthy mushroom flavors is perfect, like wild rice or a bowl of noodles with sauce, which serves as a side dish. Or consider a hearty venison, mushroom, onion and carrot stew served over mashed potatoes. Can you start planning for Thanksgiving too soon? We don't think so either, so take off your family's diamond socks with this deer filler. You'll eat a whole pound of venison and, in addition, it includes mushrooms, onions, zucchini, butter and fresh sage.

A sweet and savory frosting makes this melt-in-your-mouth turkey good; you need this recipe in your wild game recipe box as soon as possible. All food groups will be prepared by the local “best of the best cooks” with private recipes that should serve to please any palate. Dinner includes jambalaya, alligator, frog legs, Pierre David deer, red deer, catfish, wild pork, elk stew, buffalo chili, marsh cabbage, sweet corn and Adams meat an extra 26%. This 31-day wild game meal plan is specifically aimed at hunter-gatherer families who want to use their hard-earned food creatively and deliciously, while saving time and money in the process.

After years of cooking big game, mountain game and waterfowl, I was successful in creating recipes in the kitchen that used simple steps and everyday ingredients.

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