How do i know if the wild game is safe to eat?

Cook all wild game meat (e.g., color is not a reliable indicator of its cooking point). Cook all poultry (for example, how can you check the safety of wild game meat? The most effective way hunters taste meat is with their senses. Does the animal act unusually, look sick, or does it smell bad? After wearing the field game, are there strange stains or colors on the organs or foul odors? If so, don't eat it and freezing it won't help. Also, try to avoid hunting in areas known for their high infection rates.

Hunters should always capture healthy-looking deer, follow safe processing procedures for all wild game animals, check with the state Department of Natural Resources or CDC for updates, and test deer if they have any questions. When considering enjoying wild fish and game, here are some things to consider about the health and safety benefits of meat. Most hunters are so methodical that they should bring their precise hunting capture skills to the kitchen with clean and thorough cooking skills. Chances are, you'll never run into contaminated meat if you know what the studies say about your hunting preserve and choose the best and healthiest game you can.

Therefore, hunters and trappers who consume their prey must take personal responsibility for handling, processing, storing and transporting game meat to ensure its health and safety. Because laboratory testing of wild game meat may even overlook common diseases in their early stages in animals, hunters have no real scientific mechanism for testing in the field. Wisconsin has a rich hunting tradition and wild game is a lean, sustainable source of healthy protein. Winters also likes that the wild game he harvests is free of possible artificial hormone residues.

Wild game seeks food in natural habitats all year round by eating grasses and nuts, resulting in “grass-fed” meat that is very lean and also contains some healthy fats, such as conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) and omega-3 fats (mainly ALA). Hunters must dress and cool the field properly to keep wild game meat clean and fresh. Nicole Cruz, owner and operator of Circle C Farm, says wild pork is very lean, so it's often combined with beef tallow and other meats to make sausages. Hunters dress to be invisible and train with their tools, because a healthy wild animal is difficult to catch.

To keep hunters and their families safe from possible exposure to harmful substances, there are warnings about lead ammunition and its consumption in areas where wild animals are known to be exposed to contaminants.

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