How do you store wild games in a cooler?

This seems to be the most obvious option on the list and, of course, it's one of the safest ways to keep meat as cold as possible. A good cooler will go a long way in keeping fresh meat fresh, as it can offer a cold and controlled temperature. Just remember that an ice maker isn't cold by nature. It's a good idea to put ice on it to cool it down before you catch something.

That way, it'll be cold when you have meat to put on it. I recommend the Bison Coolers 75 QT or 125 QT coolers for big game hunting. Clean meat, without traces of skin or forest dirt, will be kept in the fridge for almost a week. It's best to store it dry and with plenty of air instead of wrapping it in plastic.

Ideally under a thin, clean cloth. If you're not sure exactly how to dress big game, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game offers a practical guide. Game meat is not deeply mysterious, you just have to store it with about the same care as with any other meat. If you intend to return home with the best tasting and best quality wild game meat this season, you need a detailed plan.

If you work alone or have a lack of hands, use a hunter's tarp to place the meat on a clean surface while you put it in a hunting bag. This means that if you dress it up and pack it right away, some of that heat will be retained in your big game bag. Other methods for preserving game meats include curing and smoking, drying, canning, and making sausages. Do your best to rinse off any bits of grease or dry fabric to restore the breathability of the game bags.

Then, take the game bags and place them in a 5-gallon bucket or plastic tub with cold water and a few drops of dish soap. Hunting clubs and hunting associations can tell you more about how to handle game meat after a successful hunt. The day after killing the animal, wait until nighttime and then take out the game bags every room. If you're traveling to hunt turkeys, ducks, or other small game animals, consider carrying something like a YETI Hopper to transport your meat.

If your hunting bags and other essential items are back in the van, you'll lose valuable time when the meat could be getting cold. When the skin is removed, remove each room directly from the body and place it in a clean play bag. If you plan to hang the meat for more than a couple of days, it may be a good idea to wash the game bags for better results. Hunting is generally low in fat, which means that keeping a joint or venison fillet or moose shoulder frozen in the freezer for two or three years is not a problem.

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