Can wild game be eaten raw?

In addition, eating raw or undercooked wild game meat can cause several other diseases, such as Salmonella and E. While some diseases caused by eating wild game meat can only cause mild symptoms that go away on their own, others may be more serious. While meat that is killed in nature may taste fresher than meat bought at the supermarket, that doesn't mean it's clean enough to be eaten raw. Although sometimes you can't see it, bacteria and parasites may be organizing their own dinners with the meat you just caught.

However, venison should not be eaten raw because of the increased exposure of wild game to parasites, diseases and bacteria. Carnivorous wild game, such as wild boars, bears, wolves and foxes, is more likely to transmit trichinellosis. Because cooking can destroy much of the harmful bacteria, most meat purchased in nature will be as safe to eat as what you can order in a restaurant. Deer, or wild meat, is very healthy to consume when cooked because of its low fat content and lower likelihood of antibiotic loading than farmed meat.

The Armed Forces Survival Guide recommends cooking all wild game and freshwater fish because of the threat of bacteria or parasites. For carnivores, meat is what it's all about, and wild deer and moose game meats are a great source of lean protein.

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