How do you cook venison so it's not tough?

Braising, slow cooking and pressure cooking will transform wild game from tough to tender. These methods work well with big and small game birds and animals. Add these techniques to your cooking repertoire and you'll enjoy the best wild game foods available. Using a dry marinade, marinade, or pickle will soften the meat, allowing you to cook hard cuts the same way you would cook a tender cut.

All of these methods infuse flavor and break down the meat, resulting in a tender and juicy result in the final product. Because venison doesn't have a lot of fat, I add healthy fats like olive oil when I brown my meat. This adds the fat needed to produce a more tender and juicy result. This stuffed venison loin is one of the tastiest, easiest and most elegant Thanksgiving recipes.

When skinning and dressing a deer last year, I wrapped my venison in plastic and put it in the freezer. I usually reserve the pickle for my poultry recipes, such as wild turkey or pheasant, but a lot of people pickle deer. If a portable cooler is not available, it is best to quickly process the venison and then let the meat age in the refrigerator on a rack, not allowing it to settle in your blood, for five to seven days. If the preparation of venison is done by someone who knows how to cook venison, it will be incredibly tender and deliciously.

You'll want to combine the venison cut with the best cooking method that brings out the most flavor and the most tender results. Although this makes the deer healthier, it can also cause the meat to harden if it is not prepared by someone who knows how to cook the venison properly. Sometimes, the simpler the condiments, the better, especially with tender cuts of venison, such as sirloin and the back strap of the deer. Many use their slow cookers for braising, but they continue to produce foods with tough, fibrous meat that is below normal.

Your best option is to cook in a Dutch oven on a slow stove, or if you have an oven that maintains temperatures between 131 and 149 degrees, cook your food for several hours in a Dutch oven inside. Can I put this in my clay pot (7 quarts) with the marinade on a 26% onion bed and cook it hot for maybe 24 hours?.

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