Can you eat wild venison raw?

However, venison should not be eaten raw because of the increased exposure of wild game to parasites, diseases and bacteria. In most cases, venison from healthy deer can be consumed, since the animal is hygienically gutted, in addition to transporting and preparing it correctly. For this reason, it is not recommended that raw meat dishes be prepared at home unless the risk can be minimized. Most of these pathogens are destroyed by the heat used to cook meat properly, so in order to cook it properly, meat has recommended minimum temperatures and cooking times.

The host gave an explanation stating that the deer had been purchased at a local deer farm. If you really want to eat it raw, freezing your meat at -20°C (-4 degrees F) or less for 30 days or more should kill most, if not all, of the types of parasites found in deer. Since deer are hunted in late fall, the flavor of acorns and other forest nuts may also be present in deer. Deer, or wild meat, is very healthy to consume when cooked because of its low fat content and lower likelihood of antibiotic loading than farmed meat.

Raw deer should not be consumed by humans under any circumstances, as even healthy deer can be infected with a variety of parasites, bacteria and viruses. The use of senses, such as touch and sight, is not precise enough to ensure that meat is cooked to the right temperature over medium cooked heat. Rare cooked meat is not considered raw meat, but it poses similar risks of food poisoning and parasite contamination than raw meat.

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