How long can wild game be refrigerated?

Store meat in the refrigerator and use it within 2 to 3 days. Clean meat, without traces of skin or forest dirt, will be kept in the fridge for almost a week. It's best to store it dry and with plenty of air instead of wrapping it in plastic. Ideally under a thin, clean cloth.

Do not age a game corpse if it was shot during hot weather and did not cool down quickly, if the animal was very stressed before killing it, if the shooting areas are large, or if the animal was less than 1 year old. At Bow Addicted, we've done the research necessary to find the answer to this question, as well as several additional questions you might have about the food safety of wild game. Game meat is not deeply mysterious, you just have to store it with about the same care as with any other meat. If not consumed promptly, game meat can begin to harbor pathogenic bacteria, many of which can cause various gastric problems.

Hunting clubs and hunting associations can tell you more about how to handle game meat after a successful hunt. The following are some essential safety tips to remember when preparing freshly harvested game meat for the table. The word “gamey” has become a general term used to describe the unpleasant or unknown flavors of wild meat. In addition, any wild game meat consumed must be cooked well to prevent the transmission of foodborne diseases.

Other methods for preserving game meats include curing and smoking, drying, canning, and making sausages. The game can dry out if it cools down too quickly, which can also pose problems if it is hunted in winter. Hunting is generally low in fat, which means that keeping a joint or venison fillet or moose shoulder frozen in the freezer for two or three years is not a problem. From soaking deer in a diet soda to letting birds hang until their heads separate from their bodies, there's a lot of bad advice when it comes to cooking wild game.

This alleviates any confusion about the safety of eating wild game meat in any particular state. So how long will it last in the fridge? I've often wondered how much time is too much, so I finally found out and did some research on how much time is too much time in the fridge when it comes to wild game meat.

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